Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching in Kingston, Ontario

Our training programs are custom-designed to help you meet your goals regardless of your skills, ability and age. Whether your goals are added mobility and independence or to improve your athletic performance we offer two streams of service, in-person regular training and supported virtual programming.

Personal Training

Do you have health, strength, mobility, fat loss/physique, or performance goals? Are you feeling lost and don’t know where to start? Or maybe that routine you have been doing for a couple years isn’t working anymore? Are you looking for a coach to help educate, motivate, and guide you to your goals? 

We can help!

Our training combines the scientific principles of strength training, years of experience, and a whole lot of passion for helping people! 
Everyone needs a coach! Invest in a coach and watch your hard efforts in the gym will yield greater results. 

Training Options:

  • 1-on-1 Training 
  • Small Group Training (2-5 people) 
  • Custom Online Training Programs (delivered via the Trainerize App)
  • Athletic Team Training
  • Workshops 
Strength training - picking up barbell
*discount for combination Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching available

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Nutrition Coaching 

Are you tired of trying to lose the same 10-20lbs? Do you w ant to improve your overall health, reduce your risk of chronic health conditions, improve your body composition, and improve your mental/physical performance? 

If these are your goals then your first step should be hiring a nutrition coach!

Our approach to Nutrition Coaching is fully customized based on your history, current eating habits, food intolerances/preferences, and goals. We believe that the best diet for you is one that is sustainable. As your coach our role is to find you the way of eating that best suits your lifestyle while helping you reach your goals. 

Nutrition Coaching includes:

  • 60 minute face to face meeting
    • Customized detailed nutrition plan
    • Nutrition education 
    • Measurements
    • Goal setting & habit building 
    • Food log analysis 
    • Shopping, cooking, and preparation tips
    • Daily macronutrient goals
    • Sample day of ideal eating based on your goals & preferences 
  • Coaching support via phone or email

Online Monthly Programming

Accessory or full-time programming to identify training barriers and support your health & performance-related goals

Interactive training platform to allow for customized programming, video exercise demonstrations, weekly check-ins, and real-time messaging.
Programs will be given out 1 week in advance and will be modified based on individualized feedback

Programs will track progress and exercise related metrics to make sure your body can tolerate the new workload and receive the ‘optimal’ dose of exercise.

To get started or find out more details, please contact us via the link below:

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