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At Quarry Chiropracitc and Wellness Centre we believe in a personal approach, which means you aren’t just another patient, but rather an extension of our growing family.

Our Kingston chiropractors go to great lengths to ensure the highest level of care, compassion and personalization when assisting you through your issues. Every situation is different, which is why we treat each patient family member on an individual level.

We also take pride in not using high-pressure sales tactics – there’s no contracts to sign, and no hefty deposits to make. What else would you expect from family, right?

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Meet Your Chiropractors

Our chiropractors are ready to help you restore your body, through exceptional care and compassion, so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Beyond chiropractic, our clinic is also filled with some of the most highly trained professionals in their respective fields.  Please visit our team members page for more details.

Dr. Samantha Nuttall

Dr. Mike Watson

Dr. Natalie David

Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

Manipulation of spinal and extremity joints is an effective way to reduce pain and address mobility issues. Manipulation can be a good option when treating joint pain including; neck, back, shoulder and even foot pain.

Despite common perception, spinal manipulations are very gentle and can immediately improve range of motion. Reducing pain and discomfort often allows you to move easier, aiding in the rehabilitation process.

Conditions that Respond Well to Chiropractic Care

  1. Pregnancy Related Pains – Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, many women experience lower back pain at some point throughout their pregnancy. This pain can be managed using manual therapy techniques, such as joint manipulations.
  2. Whiplash – any impact or blow that causes your head to jerk forward or backward creating neck strain. Neck strain during car accidents is often diagnosed as whiplash. The sudden force stretches and may even tear the muscles and tendons in your neck.
  3. Sciatica – a term used to generally describe a symptom of leg pain—and possibly tingling, numbness or weakness—that originates in the lower back and travels through the buttock and down the large sciatic nerve in the back of the leg. Manipulation and exercises help to reduce pain associated with sciatica.
  4. Cervicogenic Headaches – classified as secondary headaches, while the pain is felt in the head the cause is often from the bones and joints in the neck. Cervicogenic headaches improve with chiropractic manipulations.
  5. Migraine Headaches – Migraine headaches are characterized by intense head pain; they can be preceded by visual disturbances called “aura” and can be accompanied by nausea. Many patients with migraines have success with chiropractic manipulations.

Chiropractic treatment isn’t just limited to the list above. To find out if your situation is ideal for chiropractic care, please contact us.

What Our Patients Say

So from someone who never thought she would ever have the opportunity to enjoy frolicking with her great-grand children; I plea with you, to think twice before taking that drastic step! Contact Dr. Samantha Nuttall or her husband, Dr. Mike Watson at Quarry Medical, and let their K Laser, work its magic on you too! There is no other like it anywhere, in Kingston or the surrounding area.

Bernice Dubeau

My wife met Sam because she needed something done with her knee so she kept bugging me to go and see Sam, her doctor. I figured okay, I’ll give her a shot. To this point the pain’s gone. I mean it’s no pain in my leg, no walker, no cane, I can walk, I even golfed, which I haven’t done in roughly two years. Anybody that’s got anything, even closely related to me, I would send them to her.


Patient Storm Patterson Review
Patient Christine Lambert Review
Patient Caitlyn Vidal Review

For more client feedback, check out our video testimonials

We Also provide These great services

Chiropractic care isn’t always the best solution for every patient, which is why we strive to provide a full suite of care options to best suit your needs.  Below you’ll find some of the many treatment options we provide at our clinic. 

For a complete list of treatments we offer, please visit our services page.


Combination of hands-on and movement approach – whether you have a new/old injury or you are recovering from surgery, we can help.

Registered Massage Therapy

Hands-on approach to help reduce aches and pains and get you moving easier.

Personal Training

Whether you are looking for end-stage rehab or you are trying to keep yourself strong to handle life, we’ve got you covered.

Compression Stockings

Medically prescribed stockings are helpful with a number of conditions including lower leg swelling, post ulceration or DVT, and many more.


Typically help with foot-related pain, including plantar fasciitis, we offer free gait assessments to determine what you may benefit from.


Out of town without access to your provider? We can help you virtually anywhere. Giving you guidance on exercises and pain management strategies will help ease your pain!

Chiropractic FAQs

Do chiropractic treatments hurt?

Chiropractic treatments typically don’t hurt and, commonly, patients feel better after treatment. It is possible to be sore within 24-48hr after a treatment and that feeling is often temporary.

I tried chiropractic before and it didn’t seem to work.  What makes you different?

At QCWC we personalize your treatment plan. That means you get what you need, based on your situation and beliefs. Each situation is unique and should be treated this way!

How long is each treatment session?

Treatment session times are booked for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, following a 45 minute initial exam. The length of time we book depends on our plan.

How many treatments am I going to need?

It’s hard to give an exact timeline without first assessing your situation.  However, we do our best to guide you through the healing process and avoid over treating. At Quarry Chiropractic and Wellness Centre we do not promote expensive, long term treatment plans.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral to make an appointment?

Many of our patients are self referred. You do not need a doctor’s referral for a chiropractic assessment or treatment. Others will consult their family doctor before booking.

Can your services be claimed through my insurance/benifits provider?

Yes! Many plans will cover chiropractic treatment. We suggest speaking with your provider to understand what your plan covers you for.

Do you accept walk-ins or is it by appointment only?

The majority of our patients coming through the clinic are appointment based. We do accept walk-ins and have the clinic staffed to allow us to be accessible when you need us!

What should I wear for my first appointment?

We advise people to wear clothing that will allow you to move and for us to see the area you want treated. This way we can best assess the area.

Learn More About Chiropractic Care

Not quite ready for chiropractic care?  Still need some time to do your own research?  That’s okay with us too.  We find that a well-informed patient makes our jobs much easier. 

If you need somewhere to start, be sure to check out our resources section for articles on chiropractic care as well as general health and wellness.