Our Story

How It Started

Upon graduating from Chiropractic College in 2013, Sam and I had to decide where to begin our practice.  Despite having strong ties to London, Ontario, I felt there was a good opportunity in serving the Kingston community, which is where Sam was born and raised.  

Mike and Sam Graduation Night
Graduation Night!

Sam’s family was also established in the medical community in Kingston, as her father, John, owned and operated the Quarry Medical foot clinic. 

To start, we began working with physicians and nurses in the foot clinic setting, helping patients with various injuries as well as fitting compression socks and orthotics. At this point, we operated as “Quarry Medical Chiropractic”.

We always enjoyed working in a collaborative setting and problem-solving with other medical and health care providers to help improve patient outcomes.

A major barrier we ran into was the lack of convenience in making referrals. People often had to go to a new clinic or gym in order to follow through with the referral, which creates barriers for some people.

A Clinic is Born…

Dr Mike and Dr Sam infront of QCWC Logo
Showing off our new logo sign

In 2019, Sam and I made a major move…

We took on a large clinic space with the goal of having all necessary rehabilitation services in one place – better known today as Quarry Chiropractic and Wellness Centre (QCWC)

This helped solve a major problem for many of our patients – the inconvenience of traveling around the city to get the rehab needed, following an injury.

As we progressed we actively grew our team of experts by hiring physio and massage therapists and staffed a well-outfitted gym space, with trainers, to provide end-stage rehab.  Even though the gym space is mainly used for injury rehab, it can also be used for small group training, helping athletes prepare better for their sport.

Our Purpose, Our Promise

We can honestly say that helping our patients heal is what we were meant to do.

We feel honoured to be able to serve the wonderful community of Kingston, Ontario.  Each person that walks through our doors represents a new opportunity to help guide someone through the healing process.

We get our best results by actively including you in your treatment plan. We believe your plan should suit your needs and should help you achieve your goals – therefore, no pushy sales tactics and no large deposits to initiate care. 

The team uses an honest, evidence-based approach to injury rehab and is known to encourage movement to get you back to the activities you love!

To Your Health,

Dr. Michael Watson & Dr. Sam Nuttall