Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is prevalent and many people will experience it at some point in their lifetimes.

For many of these cases, the pain is non specific – which means there is not one structure causing your pain. Often times, these cases are short lived. Other cases can be more complex and longer lasting. These complex cases can create pain in areas other than your low back and, rarely, may require emergency medical attention.

Screening and assessing low back pain is important, as we can help ensure you get the care you require. A wide variety of factors often contribute to low back pain including; work, sleep (or lack of it), activity levels, or even changes in activity levels. Previous injury or experience with back pain is also a major factor that we take into consideration.

Some conditions causing longer lasting back pain include:

  1. A herniated disc – This can cause intense pain local to the low back or traveling into the leg. If symptoms are impacting bowel/bladder function, it is important to be assessed by the emergency department.
  2. Repetitive strain conditions – These conditions can be caused by overuse (often related to work) and, therefore, don’t often get the rest or recovery they need.
  3. Non-musculoskeletal illness – In rare occasions, pain can be a symptom of serious illness, like cancer. If you are concerned with back pain lasting more than a few weeks, you should seek the advice of a medical professional.

It is important to understand that in many of these cases, pain resolves and the injured tissue heals over time.

How to remedy lower back pain…

In some cases rest can be helpful, however, many cases of back pain will improve as we continue to move and be active, while we manage pain levels.

At Quarry Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, we offer a comprehensive approach to low back rehabilitation, including some combination of hands-on treatment and exercise. Our job is to understand your goals and safely guide you back to activities you love.

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