Greg Moss, RMT

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Greg is a registered massage therapist, certified professional life coach, and functional range conditioning mobility specialist.

Greg’s practice focuses around movement and mind. As an RMT and mobility specialist, Greg helps clients to understand their current capacity for movement and how to bridge any gaps that exist between where they are and where they want to be. Typical goals Greg works with are focused around moving better, moving more, being able to progress training, pain reduction and injury rehabilitation. Greg has over 15 years of experience in clinical practice and is able to draw from his very diverse continued education which often leads to him being able to provide a fresh perceptive on long standing or complex issues.

As a certified professional coach, Greg works with clients who want more from their life and are looking to make some changes. This could work around life planning, relationships, career changes, high performance, parenting, wellness or any other goals that clients have interest exploring. Greg’s work often focuses around understanding how the energy we bring to any situation dramatically impact the outcomes, how to identify and navigate a variety of barriers that often get in the way toward a goal and how to find a general sense of ease in life.