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A custom made orthotic provides improved movement of the joints in the leg including; knees, hipsand low back by supporting the feet. From work to play, custom orthotics are designed for anyone who needs better foot function and accommodation for everyday activities. Dr. Nuttall and Dr. Watson will take casts or scans of each foot to help you get moving pain free. Call us today to book your FREE CONSULTATION at 613 542 0241.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, orthotics are for you!

- tired achy feet/legs

- shin splints

- lower back/hip pain

- plantar fascitis

- achilies tendonitis

How can I tell by looking at my feet if orthotics are right for me?

- flat footed

- hammer/claw toes

- calluses/corns

Types of custom orthotics


These orthotics offer the perfect balance of support with maximal comfort. This is a great product for active people and athletes or people who are on their feet for long hours at work.

Soft Flex


These orthotics are ideal for people who are diabetic, arthritic, have very sore and tender feet or have lost the fatty supportive tissue on the soles of their feet. This product is a great supportive device to improve balance and comfort while on your feet.

What will an assessment look like?

  1. We first take a detailed history to figure out what your needs are then do a manual foot exam and explain to you what we are observing.

  2. We then use the latest technology to get images on the computer. Both a walking gait plate analysis and 3D scan will provide the lab technicians adequate information to construct the best custom made orthotics.

  3. Once your orthotics are made, we will fit them into the shoes you like to wear.

  4. We follow up with you to ensure you are satisfied with your orthotics.

Stress free insurance coverage

All the documentation will be provided by the clinic to ensure a seamless process for reimbursement. Call us today to discuss, 613-542-0241.


Orthotics are a huge investment both financially and for your health. Its of utmost importance that you are fully satisfied with your orthotics. At no charge to the patient, in the first year of ownership, we will make the necessary changes to ensure you love your orthotics.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, patient satisfaction, minimal need to alter the original product, ease of insurance claims and number of return clients.