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Our Goal is to Restore Your Body

Through our Exceptional Care and Technology

Manipulation of Spinal and Extremity Joints

An Effective Way to Reduce Pain and Address Mobility Issues

We Get Fantastic Results

Our Laser Treats a Variety of Conditions Including Shingles, Neuropathy, Tendonitis, Plantar Fascitis and Fractured Bones, 

Improve Function of an Injured Muscle

Elastic Taping Technique is Excellent for a Variety of Conditions

Welcome to our Practice

Our goal is to restore your body, through our exceptional care and technology, so you can get back to doing the things you love. We offer a variety of services such as, chiropractic manipulations, traction, Graston technique, kinesio taping, therapeutic exercises, biomechanical assessments for custom orthotics, compression stocking fittings and laser treatment therapy. 

Watch how our chiropractic treatments proved to be a 'miraculous' solution for our patient Robert who suffers from lower back pain.

Meet the Team

Dr. Michael Watson

Dr. Watson graduated with Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Kinesiology from Western University. Read More

Dr. Samantha Nuttall

Dr. Samantha Nuttall holds a bachelor of Art's in Kinesiology (B.A) from Acadia University. Read More 

So from someone who never thought,
she would ever have the opportunity to enjoy frollicking with her greatgrand children; I plea with you, to think twice before taking that drastic step! Contact Dr. Samantha Nuttall or her husband, Dr. Mike Watson at Quarry Medical, and let their K Laser, work its magic on you too! There is no other like it anywhere, in Kingston or the surrounding area.
- Bernice Dubeau